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Your jewelry destination based in the heart of Barcelona
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Our story
Our journey began in 2022 with a cozy shop in the vibrant Born district, followed by a second store in the historic Gotic quarter a year later.
Today, we proudly welcome you to our newest and third location on Carrer del Rec in Born.

Our founder,聽Dutch, leads a diverse team of 15 young women hailing from Sweden, Argentina, France, the Netherlands, and Ireland. With a multilingual team, we speak an average of 2 to 3 languages, including German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, French and some Portuguese. Primarily, we communicate in English, but we are happy to accommodate your language preferences.

At I Wear Dolls, we are passionate about creating unique and personalized jewelry pieces. Whether you have a specific idea in mind or need guidance in crafting something special, we are here to help bring your vision to life.

How does聽it work in our store?
At I Wear Dolls, you can design your own jewelry with our extensive selection of over 200 types of charms, beads, pearls, and chains. Feel free to browse and pick the items you like, including our pre-made pieces, which you can customize to your liking. Once you're ready, a member of our team will assist you in bringing your vision to life, advising on what is possible to ensure your piece is perfect. Never hesitate to ask if we have other options, we are happy to assist you with any inquiry 鉂わ笍

Prices Design Your Own (DYO)
The prices for a gold or silver (stainless steel) necklace chain start from 鈧10,95 up to 鈧16,95. Our beaded and pearl necklaces are starting from 鈧18,95 up to 鈧28,-.聽
Our variety of charms starting from 鈧1,- (tiny charm) up to 鈧8,- (large charm) per charm.

Please be advised by our staff what the total price of your item is going to be before they start to make your item.

Permanent bracelets
Choose from our wide selection of chains, ranging from delicate to chunky styles. For a personalized touch, you can add a charm or two鈥攖hough we recommend a maximum of two charms for optimal comfort. As we weld the bracelet around your wrist, ankle or neck we want to be sure this will fit you as comfortable as possible.

Prices permanent bracelets
A permanent bracelet excluding a charm starts from 鈧16 up to 鈧25. A permanent anklet starts from 鈧19 up to 鈧28. And a permanent necklace starts from 鈧21,- up to 鈧30.
Our wide selection of charms starting from 鈧1 up to 鈧8 a piece.

Please be advised by our staff what the total price of your item is going to be before they make it permanent.
Frequently asked questions
  1. Do I have to make an appointment to visit the store?
    You don't need an appointment to visit our stores.
  2. Do I need to make an appointment to get a permanent bracelet?
    You don't need an appointment to get a permanent bracelet. However for larger groups, hen do's and workshops you can contact us at: appointments@iweardolls.com
  3. What stores do the permanent bracelet?
    El Born:聽Carrer del Rec 22 BIS, Bajos Local, Barcelona
    Gotico:聽Placa de Sant Josep Oriol 6 tienda 2, Barcelona
  4. What store is with the less waiting time?
    At this moment our store on聽 Carrer del Rec 22 BIS, Bajos Local, Barcelona聽has the less waiting time
  5. Does a permanent bracelet hurt?
    All our permanent jewelry does not hurt
  6. Do all the I Wear Dolls stores offer the same?
    All our stores offer the same jewelry and options for the Design Your Own jewelry.
  7. Can the jewelry get wet?
    All our jewelry is waterproof with any type of water.
  8. What if I need to take the permanent bracelet off can I come back to get it fixed again?
    You can always come back to get the bracelet fixed again. Make sure you bring your bracelet with you.
  9. What if I want to adjust my jewelry, do I need to pay?
    All jewelry what is from our brand can be adjusted fro free.
  10. If I need to go back to the store for a repair, do I need to queue again?
    You don't need to queue if you need a repair. E-mail us at: service@iweardolls.com so we can arrange the best solution for you.

We offer our best service and quality. If something is not of your liking, please send us an email 馃拰:聽service@iweardolls.com
and we will help you right away.